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Frequently Asked Questions 
  • What is the difference between an estate sale and a tag sale?
    An estate sale generally means a life-time accumulation of personal property & household items are being sold. Each item is priced and tagged separately. A tag sale is conducted in the same manner but may be a moving or down-sizing sale involving the sale of no-longer needed items.

  • What should the family clean out?
    The family should remove or set aside in a private area the items they wish to keep. Let us help separate the trash from the treasures. We almost always find items in the trash or learn about items that were thrown away that can net the family additional cash.

  • What is your fee?
    Our fee is based on a percentage of the entire liquidation depending on the size or volume of the sale.

  • Who sets the price?
    Our team of experienced antique dealers and sales associates will tag each item to yield the family the best prices. Input from the family is appreciated.

  • What happens to the unsold items?
    It's up to the family. If desired, we can find a place for the leftovers.

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